Dog friendly personal training in Adelaide

Q: What do I need to bring to the workout?

1.  A harness suitable for your dog.
If you don’t have one, a standard lead to provide you enough control over your dog is fine.

2. Your dog’s fav chew toy or treats to reward/control your dog.
We’ll have some treats for emergencies but it’s best to bring what your pooch is used to.

3. A yoga mat or workout mat for yourself.

4. Towel.

5. Water for both you and your dog, plus a drinking bowl for your dog.
There are public water fountains with dog bowl where we work out but it’s best to bring your own.

6. Poo bags.
For the dog, not you.

Q: What if my dog isn’t good with other dogs?

Dogs are like humans – not all of us get along and that’s ok. For our pack to work well together, all dogs must be friendly to attend our group sessions.
If your dog isn’t friendly with other dogs we recommend booking a 1-1 Lone Wolf Personal Training session instead.

Q: My dog is friendly but not very well trained, can we still attend?

No worries, at packfit&co. we see that as half the fun! A dog pulling on a lead can be great resistance training.
Remember we aren’t an obedience class!

Q: What can we expect when attending a workout?

Plenty of fun, bonding time for you and your best furry mate as well as working up a sweat!
Plus, in our pack sessions your dog will get a chance to make lots of puppy pals.

Q: What are the exercise like?

At packfit&co. our sessions are made up of a variety of training methods and exercises.
We focus more on the doggy owner but look to incorporate the dog in as many exercises as possible, for example through doggy cardio elements.
We use HIIT (high-intensity-interval-training), circuit training, MRT (metabolic-resistance-training).

Here are some sample exercises.

Q: Where do the workouts take place?

We’re holding our pack sessions in beach locations around Adelaide, usually on a grass area with ocean view so we can wind down after the workout with a stroll along the beach.
Current locations include the John Miller Reserve, Esplanade, Somerton Park.

If you’re interested in a pack session in the comfort of your home, let us know when you book and we can arrange to come to you (Western Suburbs free of charge, Adelaide CBD + $5 per session).

Q: How many dogs and their hoomans will attend a group session?

Our pack sessions are designed for a maximum of ten owners plus one dog per owner.
Bringing a dog to the sessions isn’t mandatory so there might be more two-legged attendees than four-legged but we encourage anyone to bring their dog.

Q: Can I attend without my dog?

Yes, you sure can attend without your dog, however it’s strongly encouraged that you bring your pooch as our exercises are designed to include a dog.
If dog-friendly workouts aren’t your thing, take a look at our classic Personal Training options instead.

Q: Can my dog and I have a private session?

Prefer being the alpha dog? No problem! Simply book a 1-on-1 session here.

Q: Can I bring a friend to the sessions?

Absolutely! If bringing your furry friend isn’t enough for you, check out our 2-on-1 Bring a Mate workout designed for you and a friend (plus your dogs, of course!)

Q: Can I get a refund?

At packfit&co. our pre‐paid personal training sessions are non‐refundable, but we can freeze any unused sessions for a period of time. If you’re unable to exercise or have another reason not to participate, shoot us a message and we can look to work something out.
Find our full Ts&Cs here.

Q: How do I cancel a session?

All scheduling, rescheduling or cancellation of personal training bookings must be done by directly calling packfit&co. at 0433 849 032 or emailing packfitco@gmail.com.
If a cancellation or rescheduling is made within 24 hours of starting time of the original booking, a 50% cancellation fee of the booking applies.
Find our full Ts&Cs here.

Q: What if my dog or I get injured?

Our exercises are designed with your and your pet’s safety in mind. We do however highly recommend that you have appropriate insurance and pet insurance as packfit&co. does not take any responsibility for any injuries sustained during, before or after our pack sessions.
Prior to any session you will be required to sign our Client Waiver form to understand the role and responsibility you personally have to stay safe during our workouts.

Q: Can I bring my cat?

Sorry – We’re dog people.

Your questions aren’t answered yet?
No worries – reach out to us.

Location John Miller Reserve, Somerton Park, SA 5044 Phone 0433 849 032 E-mail packfitco@gmail.com Hours Monday & Wednesday 6.00am - 8.30am and 6.00pm - 8.30pm | Saturday & Sunday 8.30am - 11.00am
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